Biedermann & Sons History

In 1956, Carl and Peter Biedermann, “the Sons”, together with Helmut and Hildegarde, “the Biedermanns”, were looking for a better way to earn a living than in the Chicago family drugstore that Hildegarde’s parents, the Reimers founded in 1894.

Carl and Peter began taking trips to the Frankfurt Fair. On one such trip they landed the rights to distribute the artful hand-painted candle line that started it all. The candles were large and decoratively ornate pillars which then wholesaled for approximately $3; today they would retail for about $100. At first, Carl and Peter ran the warehouse, hit the road and began garnering their first Midwest sales; packing and shipping the orders themselves. Helmut and Hilda began working part-time manually tracking sales and inventory.

The original goal was, as is with most start-up companies, to stay alive and keep the fires burning. With increasing stability in the 1960’s, the goal became growth at a steady pace, which was then and is still being successfully accomplished.

When Peter retired in 1985, Marty (President) and Mike (Vice President) came aboard. Carl and his wife Anita, were able to retire to a beautiful summer home in Door County, Wisconsin and a lovely winter home in the foothills above San Diego, California. Peter passed away in late 2008, and Carl in early 2009. Marty took Carl’s place and each year has a Commemorative Ornament “Signing Tour”. His normal stops on the tour are Hall’s Department Store in Kansas City and stores in Michigan and upstate New York, among others.

In order to service our customers, we have an office, showroom, and warehouse in Northfield, Illinois. We ship orders in 1-5 working days once credit is approved. We offer our valued customers quality products at affordable prices.

We have sales representatives throughout the country and are in all the major showrooms across the U.S.

Biedermann & Sons is “Decorative Candles and Accessories”.

Biedermann & Sons has specialized in unique candles and decorative accessories since 1956. The highest quality and craftsmanship define our selection. The product line has developed a tradition of quality while continuing to provide affordable luxury, safety, and pleasure and satisfaction in use.

Biedermann & Sons is proud of the wide selection of merchandise we have to offer, and we continually strive to define and improve the benchmark for client profitability and satisfaction through our dynamic knowledge of both product and marketplace.

With such a complete selection of items from one resource to offer at retail, Biedermann & Sons should be your number one resource for decorative candles and accessories. This selection can be developed into a complete candle decorative accessory department that makes a definite statement with visual impact, that attracts customer attention and sales.

The choice quality of each item is guarenteed by Biedermann & Sons. Any item that may be defective can be returned to Biedermann & Sons for full credit.

Biedermann & Sons products are sold in all types of retail stores throughout the United States.

With cost price generally below other quality and competitive decorative candle accessory lines, the retailer has the opportunity to earn an extra profit by using a 2.3 to 2.5 time mark-up on everysale, yet still maintain very competitive retail price points.

Retail price points for most items range from $.99 to $30.00. Your decorative accessories department will offer the best selling items from our entire line – excellent gift suggestions, with a broad appeal to nearly ever retail customer.

Biedermann & Sons candles and candle accessories are excellent suggestions as gifts for house warmings, bridal showers, weddings anniversaries, a “special gift”, for the purchaser’s own use in their home, and especially as a holiday gift. An everyday line of products for all seasons and reasons.

Because of its guaranteed quality, wide selection with broad appeal, and price points, Biedermann & Sons is a line that a retailer can display and sell with pride to their valued retail customer.